Welcome to the NFL’s ‘Low Sunday’

My Dad was an Episcopalian minister. He’s retired now, but when he preached, he was really good. He used to draw people in, act as a counselor and a friend, and had all sorts of really cool sermons. He would preach on Johnny Unitas and Jackie Robinson and Ricky Bobby. (Yeah, that Ricky Bobby.) In one of my favorites, he drew this line between the dinner-table scene where Ricky Bobby and his family were talking about Jesus and what sort of Jesus we’re all comfortable with that — as a writer — I’m still amazed at.

(I was always a little struck as to how similar our jobs were/are. We both have non-traditional pursuits that don’t fit into the 9-to-5 stereotype. We both worked weekends, and the week always built to the big payoff. Every so often, we would have to try and soothe people in occasional times of travail. And we both engaged with people of deep faith and spoke to those who would look forward to salvation every Sunday.)

Anyway, the buildup in the church to Christmas and Easter is understandable. In church, those two holidays are everything. But after those two holidays, there’s the inevitable letdown the following week, both spiritually and emotionally. The Sunday following Christmas and the Sunday after Easter were always referred to as “Low Sundays.” Basically, today is the NFL’s version of “Low Sunday.” Enjoy it. Rest, recharge, watch all the highlights on NFL Network and be ready when the carousel gets cranked up again.