Drive for Five: The Remarkable Run of the 2016 Patriots

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Praise for “Drive for Five”

“True believers across Patriot Nation will be gratified…” ―Kirkus Reviews

“Breaking into the inner sanctuary of the New England Patriots is about as easy as breaking out of Leavenworth. Yet somehow Chris Price not only sneaks in, but takes us along on an up-close-and-personal tour of the magnificent 2016 season. Price’s reporting is impeccable, his attention to detail unrivaled. This is a terrific football book.” ―Jeff Pearlman, New York Times bestselling author of Gunslinger

“For more than a decade, Chris has had an inside-the-ropes seat for the Patriots dynasty. He’s told the biggest stories and those just off the radar in a way that fully serves the true Patriots fan. Drive for Five is a perfect example of that. In one of the franchise’s biggest moments, the epic Super Bowl comeback and culmination of a season’s work, Chris is right there telling you more than you knew before. When you flip the final page, you’ll be fully educated and entertained―ready to see if New England can make it six.” ―Ian Rapoport, NFL Network

“The 2016 Patriots weren’t just about the Tom Brady Revenge Tour. There are a ton of stories revolving around that team: Bill Parcells’ quarterback protege, the cornerback the Eagles gave up on, and the Black Unicorn, for example. Christopher Price knows the Patriots inside and out, from the locker room to the field, and can take you in-depth into that triumphant Super Bowl season.”
Aaron Schatz, Editor-In-Chief, Football Outsiders

“Chris has a keen eye, a deft touch and that reporter’s knack to know when to look left when everyone else is looking right. Drive For Five is not just a firsthand recap of the New England Patriots’ wild and unbelievable season; it’s a sluicing and gold panning for what really is the most fascinating team in the NFL today. Bill Belichick might not be the most revealing coach, but Chris has always done a terrific job of tapping into what makes the most brilliant leader in the NFL tick. This is a well-crafted, fascinating look at the most prosperous football ecology in this generation, or perhaps any the NFL has seen.”
—Eric Edholm, Yahoo Sports

“If someone turned in a Hollywood script that turned out to be the actual 2016 Patriots season, it might have been returned because it was too hard to believe. There were so many compelling stories within the overall story that made this one of the unforgettable, historic seasons in Patriots and NFL history. Chris was there every step of the way –watching on the hill at training camp, in the press box at games and in the locker room each day. He has a unique viewpoint to share, which is why Drive for Five is a must-have on a Patriots fan’s bookshelf.”
—Mike Reiss, ESPN

“While the Patriots‘ improbable comeback against the Falcons began in the third quarter of Super Bowl LI, it was born of toughness and togetherness forged in the earliest hours of training camp. Those traits revealed themselves from the season’s first four games sans Tom Brady through its climactic score by James White.  Along the way — all the way — Chris Price continued to probe well beyond the box scores, driven by an insatiable curiosity about each individual’s story.  In Drive For Five, you’ll gain insight into what defined the 2016 Patriots, as well as what makes Chris one of the most respected reporters on New England’s football beat.”
—Bob Socci, Patriots Broadcaster, 98.5 The Sports Hub

Complete with player interviews, behind-the-scenes stories never told before, and content provided by several Patriots players themselves, Drive for Five provides a unique level of insight and access to the story behind the New England Patriots’ 2016 season.

Former Patriots linebacker Rosevelt Colvin once compared his old team to a soap opera, and that was never more the case than in 2016. The simple truth is that this was one of the most eventful seasons in an already eventful franchise history.

From the fallout around Deflategate and losing their MVP-caliber quarterback for the first four games of the season to the support that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick showed for Donald Trump, there was a high level of drama all year long around the team, all the way until the most dramatic Super Bowl finish of all time. But honestly, the potentially divisive Trump Question and the Deflategate saga and the ensuing fallout were just a small part of it all.

There was the midseason trade of dynamic playmaker Jamie Collins for going off-script, the loss of all-world tight end Rob Gronkowski to another season-ending injury, the witticisims of Martellus Bennett, and the injuries to backup QBs Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett.

But a remarkable run to the title – and the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history – ended up giving an emotional Brady his fifth Super Bowl ring and put the capper on a most memorable season.

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