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Atlanta Coach Dan Quinn says Falcons wont run from memory of Super Bowl LI loss to Patriots

Falcons coach Dan Quinn is going to “Embrace The Suck” that goes along with the stunning Super Bowl LI loss to the Patriots.

Speaking with with Don Banks and me and the “Cover 2” podcast earlier this week, Quinn laid out his post-Super Bowl philosophy, which means approaching the 2017 season with a straightforward ethos: don’t run from the memory of what happened last February against New England. In other words, “embrace the suck.”

“It’s a warrior mentality,” he explained. “What ‘Embrace the Suck’ translates to is, ‘Hey man, this is going to be hard. And right now, I’m going to push past any self-perceived limitations I have, get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s going to be hard, and we’re going to go for it anyway.’”

In the wake of the Patriots loss to the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI, there were guys on that team who — tongue-in-cheek and otherwise — said they had no interest going back and re-watching that game. That door was closed. Quinn is taking the opposite approach.

“I was one that wanted to go back and watch it. I felt like if I didn’t learn lessons, than the pain was for nothing. So I wanted to make sure there were lessons to be gained here. How could we be more adaptable in game in terms of plays calls and game management and how to utilize the players better?

“For sure, I was of the mindset that you have to watch it. It doesn’t mean that you ever get past it. But you get past it if you know what I mean in that, OK, you have the lessons and it sucked, and now, you’re on to the next thing. But you have to make sure in my opinion that you do understand where you can grow stronger. That’s the way I went about it.”