The Blueprint

Praise for “The Blueprint: How the New England Patriots Beat the System to Create the Last Great NFL Superpower”

“In The Blueprint, Christopher Price enthusiastically documents the rise of the New England Patriots from decades of futility to recent prominence.…[Price] delivers a brisk narrative of the snake-bit early years of the Patriots and a thorough examination of the personnel deals and philosophy that have lately brought in the players who won Super Bowls for them.…He adeptly builds the thesis that the Patriots have succeeded through shrewd manipulation of the salary cap: they pay players for expected future performance rather than past performance (and ignore the outcry when they release favorite veterans).” —Jay Jennings, The New York Times

“The question, What was it like? is at the heart of most sports books, but in 2007, the best answers seemed to come from authors who focused on football. The Blueprint, by Christopher Price, offers a Moneyball-like look at how coach Bill Belichick and personnel man Scott Pioli built the New England Patriots dynasty.” —Sports Illustrated

“Bored of the same talking heads and the same writers saying the same things, I purchased Christopher Price’s book The Blueprint last weekend, which was released before the 2007 season and attempted to put a Moneyball-like spin on the Belichick era. I liked the book and thought Price did a solid job explaining the philosophy behind the first three Super Bowl seasons, particularly how the Patriots built through the draft, scoured the market for free-agent bargains…and never sold out long-term goals for a short-term fix.” —Bill Simmons, The Ringer

“Christopher Price kept hearing people ask, How do the New England Patriots keep getting to the Super Bowl so often? So he sat down and wrote a book, The Blueprint, that attempts to answer the question in this dynasty-discouraging age of free agency, taut salary cap, balanced schedule designed to promote parity, egomaniacal owners, inevitable injuries, and the temptations that go with fame and fortune. It’s a fascinating book.” —Stan Hochman, Philadelphia Daily News

“Price’s research is thorough, and his storytelling shows a creative flair.…It has to be considered a winner.” —The Boston Globe

“Price’s account of the team’s elegantly simple transformation from league laughingstock (his stories of their 1970s foibles are legion and hilarious, to nonfans at least) to Tom Brady powerhouse is a breeze to read; neither pumped full of steroidal sports hyperbole or weighed down by bloated play-by-play.” —Publishers Weekly

“Football fans who can’t seem to get enough of the game will enjoy this profile.” —Booklist

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